b"THE FLAVOR Conference Agenda:EXPERIENCE TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1 ALL TIMES IN EST.Operator Roundtable 1: A lively discussion about flavor innovation in 2021 and beyond: Quinn Adkins, Culvers; Efrem Cutler, Bloomin Brands; Jason Knoll, Another Broken Egg; and Alex Sadowsky, Twin Peaks12:00-12:50 EST 6 Big Ideas for 2021: In this fast-paced session, Chef/Consultant Kathy Casey shares practical yet creative ways on delivering a truly memorable brand experience while optimizing menus for 2021.12:50-1:20 EST Optimizing Flavor and Digging into Versatility: From honey to carrots, Chef Jamie Simpson of The Culinary Vegetable Institute showcases how to take a single ingredient into extraordinary flavor directions.1:20-2:00 EST BREAKOUT SESSIONS:Attendees have the choice of four 30-minute concurrent breakout sessions:2:00-2:30 EST BREAKOUT SESSIONS:Immunity in F&B: Pam Smith, RDN, and Datassential's Mike Kostyo1 share ideas on how to design functional and flavorful food & beverages for the immunity-minded consumer. 10 Flavors to Know: Flavor & The Menus Cathy Holley and FLAVOR FLIGHTS:2 Katie Ayoub showcase 10 flavor systems that represent easy Brief food & beverageimplementation opportunities for modern menus. demos take place between all sessions.3 Flavor in Focus: Two chefs come together for a quick-fire exchange of trend-forward builds.2021 Trend Drivers: Trends analyst Suzy Badaracco talks about the 4 new trend trajectories created by new consumer drivers, and their ties to patterns in F&B. The Foodservice Consumer in 2021: Industry expert Maeve Webster highlights how 2020 has shifted consumers relationship with foodservice, and the opportunities for both long-term growth and customer connections. 2:30-3:10 EST Thinking Ahead: A Conversation with Jack Gibbons & Ali Charri: Jack Gibbons, President/COO of Front Burner Restaurants, and Ali Charri, SVP of Strategy & Insights at Darden Restaurants, discuss systematic learnings from 3:10-3:40 EST 2020 and charting a new roadmap in 2021.Trends in To-Go Cocktails: Beverage consultant Barbara Akin demonstrates how to recreate the to-go beverage experience while keeping hospitality and customer service top of mind.3:40-4:10 EST Flavor & The Menus Top 10 Trends 2021: Cathy Holley, Katie Ayoub and Maeve Webster reveal Flavor & The Menus Top 10 Trends, discussing opportunities that each one presents for modern menus.4:10-5:00 EST 5:00-5:30 ESTNETWORKING:This block of time is reserved for networking. Stay tuned!"